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Chiropractic Care for Military Patients with Spine Pain..

Date: May 2, 2019 | Time: 12:00pm

BACKGROUND (1)Opium is from the poppy plant.The term opiates are applied to compounds that are purified directly from opium without modification, like morphine and codeine.The term opioid refers to compounds that are synthetic forms of opium, like Fentanyl. Fentanyl is the deadliest drug in America.oooooMembers of our military and military veterans are plagued with musculoskeletal pain problems. In addition, for a number of years, the public has been informed of the depth of problems in the health care delivery for.... <view entire article>

Can the Outcome of Back Pain Be Predicted?..

Date: April 29, 2019 | Time: 12:00pm

When patients present with low back pain (LBP), they are frequently nervous and worried about whether they're going to respond to the treatment-especially when it comes to getting out of pain and returning to their normal activities. A variety of studies have shown chiropractic care to be an effective option for the LBP patient, and though there is no "crystal ball", there are some tests that doctors of chiropractic can perform during an examination that can help predict outcomes! In fact,.... <view entire article>

Chiropractic Methods for Treating Neck Pain..

Date: April 28, 2019 | Time: 12:00pm

When it comes to neck pain, many patients seek out chiropractic care. In fact, there are several studies demonstrating that manual therapies performed by doctors of chiropractic can offer significant benefits for non-specific or mechanical neck pain as well as neck pain arising from injuries related to sports, car accidents, and falls. What are some of these manual therapies? Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) involves moving the head and neck to a firm end-range of movement followed by a fast, thrust aimed.... <view entire article>

Treatment on the Wrist for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome..

Date: April 27, 2019 | Time: 12:00pm

When treating patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), doctors of chiropractic can employ a variety of options to reduce pressure on the median nerve. While this can include dietary recommendations (to reduce inflammation), adjustments to address dysfunction elsewhere along the course of the median nerve, or even working with other healthcare providers to manage conditions that contribute to CTS (like diabetes), treatment will often focus on the wrist itself. One such approach is referred to as neurodynamic techniques, or mobilization. In.... <view entire article>

Where Is This Shoulder Pain Coming From?..

Date: April 26, 2019 | Time: 12:00pm

When people say, "My shoulder hurts," they often point to different areas in the vicinity of the shoulder such as the base of neck, the collar bone, the scapula (shoulder blade), the chest, and/or their arm. The challenge with the shoulder is that it's anatomically comprised of three joints: the glenohumeral joint, or GHJ (ball-and-socket); the acromioclavicular joint, or ACJ (collar bone and scapula); and the scapulothoracic joint, or STJ (shoulder blade and rib cage). Some researchers even argue that.... <view entire article>

Whiplash and Mid-Back Pain - How Can This Happen?..

Date: April 25, 2019 | Time: 12:00pm

Research regarding whiplash or whiplash associated disorders (WAD) classically focuses on neck pain; however, the data show acute thoracic spine / mid-back pain (MBP) occurs in 66% of WAD injures with 23% still complaining of MBP at one-year post-injury. It's easy to visualize how the cervical spine or neck can be injured in an automobile collision (or sport-related collision or a fall) as the head, which weighs an average or twelve pounds, whips back and forth in a "crack-the-whip" like manner,.... <view entire article>

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